What sort of projects do i work on ?


Mobile (Apple iOS and Android apps) and websites with particular expertise in video streaming. SMS (text messaging) with extensive experience in the US, EMEA and Asian telco markets. Integrated Voice Response (IVR). I utilise a mixture of WordPress, Drupal, NODE.JS and PHP depending on client requirements. I have worked on projects including a mobile top-up and reward platform across Asia, delivered IVR and Voting applications for major UK and US broadcasters and oversaw the tech build for the BBC Millennium Eve broadcast – 2000 Today (BBC LiveScript).


Design and technical build of studio and outside broadcast facilities for both traditional and digital TV. Content acquisition and delivery via Satellite, Fibre, OTT, IPTV, Internet (CDN streaming – Microsoft Azure, Akamai, Elemental, ForScene). Extensive experience with interactive TV, compliance, and mass voting applications via SMS, Red Button, IVR, Mobile App and Web. On-screen 2D overlay and 3D stereoscopic broadcast graphic solutions. Operational run and production management of broadcast events. I have built broadcast studios for a major UK newspaper, worked on mobile apps and websites for a number of major sports websites and broadcasters and managed outside broadcast using OB trucks for a number of brands.


What is coming next? The Metaverse including VR and AR is finally becoming the next generation technology we all imagined; allowing both consumers and businesses to interact with technology in a way never before seen. Gaming and entertainment are leading the way, but more and more companies are finding ways to use VR to provide new experiences to customers. For example, an estate agency can film a property using a 3D camera and offer an immersive walk-around experience without the need for the customer to visit.  With the blockchain, databases and ways of distributed computing are changing.

I can help you understand how these new technologies could improve your business to better engage with your customers and even help you introduce these exciting new technologies to your business


LAN, WAN, IT procurement, installation and management of servers (Mac, Windows, Linux), desktops, storage, routers, cyber security, IT audits, Telephony, co-location/hosting. Azure and Amazon EC2, Office 365, and Google for Apps.  All things traditional IT – working now in a flexible way – we need to find IT solutions that allow your teams to be in the office or remote.  Are you looking for an outsourced IT Manager? 


Building a new website or mobile app can be extremely challenging. With millions of sites and apps available, the idea “If you build it, they will come” is no longer true. So, once your product is up and running, what’s the best way to convert users into customers?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the first, vital step to making sure search engines have your site correctly indexed. To do this, you must utilise highly-effective keywords and phrases (long tail keywords.) You must also ensure that your site is running as fast as possible because Google penalises slow-loading sites with low ranking.

The next step is to monitor your users and understand how, why and when they use your website, while staying legal and compliant within GDPR requirements. This is best achieved using Google Analytics, Piwik and other solutions as required. By analysing this data, I can help improve your website and, in turn, your SEO.

The final piece of the puzzle is Pay Per Click (PPC) – paying for online adverts to appear on Google Ads, Facebook or other ad networks to drive traffic to your site. I can advise you on the most effective ways market your product and drive successful, highly-targeted promotions.

Working closely with my marketing partners, my technical and project management expertise means – beginning with a technical audit, followed by monthly ongoing support – you can be safe in the knowledge that you are doing everything you should be to drive converting traffic to your site.


Audio-visual projects including video walls, jumbotrons, digital signage, AV integration, touch screen control systems. I have delivered state-of-the-art automated meeting rooms including video conferencing, outside broadcast screens. 


Covering building services: generators, electrical services, fire protection, CCTV, security, and air conditioning.


Broadcast, Media, Sports, HR, Travel, Banking, Press, Insurance, Building and Construction, and Facilities.