I have lost count the times I have had a call or email asking for a bit of “technical help”.  This has resulted in all sorts of projects over the years.

I love technology and helping businesses both small and large find better ways to run their business.  I also understand business pressures, having run my own company, which I later sold.   I have a vast network of suppliers, contractors and people I trust that I have worked with over the years.

I understand that using in an external consulting is a risk – will they just tell me what I don’t want to hear and then charge me lots of money?  I often know within minutes of talking if i can help or not, and what sort of help you need.  I will always be honest and direct with what you need.  It’s then entirely up to you!

There is always a way to achieve something; it’s only a question of time and money linked to what compromises/risks you want to take.

For example, I can help you sort out a domain, email service and a basic website for as little as £1500.

Although I work on larger scale projects, I am happy to support you on smaller things.

I can help you with the following sort of projects either as a fixed fee or time and materials.

  • Help you purchase or manage your internet domains and email
  • Build you a website, e-store, IOS or Android mobile App
    • SEO / Content / Traffic Analytics and Social – how to get traffic to your business.
  • Security support be that a Network Security, virus, spyware, or digital forensics.
  • Hosting in the cloud be that your website / data storage / backup and recovery
  • Support your office IT  – desktops, servers, printers, networking
  • Office Moves – making sure you can carry on working!
  • Telecoms including IP Phones systems or SMS Text Messaging
  • Software development – are your small business struggling with old databases, excel etc. – do you need a technical solution to automate your workflow? There are simple solutions that can run in a web browsers and mobile apps.
  • Content Production
    • Video Production / editing/filming / Live Streaming to web and mobile of your event
    • Graphic design / Logos / branding etc
    • Written word / Copyrighting
  • On call technical support
  • Crisis Management – has something gone wrong, do you need an independent person to look at the problem.

If I cannot help you directly, I will always point you in the right direction.

Just drop me an email – hello @ wychwooddigital.com