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A Digital Broadcast Consultant works with your organisation to understand your current and future content needs by partnering with the industry’s best producers, editors and other expert suppliers. By providing an end-to-end solution, Digital Broadcast Consultants find the best methods to deliver your message to your consumers, partners, employees and beyond.


Throughout history, content has taken many forms – written text, images, audio or plain old raw data but, as Digital Broadcasting became the preferred language of the 21st Century, video has become the most powerful and effective medium in the history of mankind.

Yet many companies are being left behind as they’re unsure how best to harness the untapped potential of both new and existing content. As a Digital Broadcast Consultant, I find the best ways to utilise and monetise your content to deliver it to your audience.

Below are some real world examples of how Digital Broadcast can help your organisation:

  • A football club wants to stream their live football matches to a dedicated mobile app and website, complete with OPTA stats as overlay data and VOD highlight packages. Sounds easy, but the football club must ensure the content is not being pirated.
    By encrypting and tokenizing the video streams, content can be protected from piracy. Depending on legal requirements from the rights holder, the club can also choose between GeoBlocking, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and watermarking. Using Analytics we can see who’s viewing the match, and from where and finally, the match is then saved offline for fans to enjoy, future generations to look back on and the club to monetise.
  • A large multinational is holding their annual conference but some employees cannot attend. Wychwood Digital could provide a video production team to stream the conference live to an audience anywhere in the world. During and after the conference, live content can be edited and packaged into bite-sized sessions.
  • An eSports team have been streaming gameplay via Twitch. While they’ve been smart enough to save thousands of hours of content to the cloud, they’re not making money from it directly, therefore creating a dedicated eSports team app with archived games that fans can buy is vital.
  • A training company who has delivered material on DVD for decades realise, as DVD drives become obsolete, that sales are dwindling.  Wychwood can extract and convert their DVD library to MP4 files so old training materials can be distributed and monetised via a mobile app or website.
  • A blue chip company’s remote sales team need up-to-the-minute data delivered to their mobiles and tablets. By working in tandem with their creative team, a dedicated mobile app can provide presentations, showreels, images and proposals. These can all be centrally updated meaning the whole sales department are updated in an instant. Final client proposals including large multimedia content can then be shared via a branded extranet website, rather than using Dropbox or YouSendIt.


Before delivering to your audience, content can be acquired via a number of sources:

  • Satellite downlinks
  • Fibre Network sources
  • Outside broadcast ( Live Streaming, Satellite or Fibre)
  • In the cloud
  • Disk Storage
  • Offline (Tapes)



With a core background in film and television production, our team of producers can help you create ingenious and engaging new content by working in tandem with a number of creatives; writers, designers, video and music production, and photographers. We have even helped organisations build studio or outside broadcast facilities to allow continued content creation.


Wychwood Digital can also edit or re-purpose existing content into new formats. For example, in addition, to live streaming your conference, you may also need a highlights package showcasing individual speakers. Our editors can edit this in the cloud in real-time; from live stream to delivery within minutes.


Old, unused content takes up valuable space and while it gathers dust, it’s not making any money. Physical tapes and film are often overlooked simply because they have not been clearly logged. Wychwood Digital can log your material by adding bespoke comments based on the running order/timecode.

Logging a sports event would capture all the important moments – goals, near misses, red cards, injuries etc. so that (for instance) one player’s goals are accessible at the touch of a button. You can then easily repackage these bite-sized chunks into a brand new edit.

Our close relationship with the UK’s best cloud-based editing software company means our highly-trained loggers can work from anywhere to offer you the most cost-effective ways to log and repackage your video.

Whatever your business model – online, mobile or broadcast, we can package original, re-versioned or logged/repackaged video for your website or mobile App.


Once content has been acquired, produced, logged and edited, you’ll need a secure storage solution. Adding metadata ensures your content can be found and repurposed in the future.

Archive and backup is also a critical function which allows you to store content offline.

Once your content is in a management system, you can transform your content into increased viewers or revenue.


Your content is your Intellectual Property and it is vital it is protected from theft, piracy and plagiarism. There are various ways to protect your content but it is a complex and involved topic. Luckily, Wychwood can walk you through the pros and cons of DRM (Digital Rights Management), tokenisation, watermarking and GeoBlocking.


Now your content is ready to distribute, perhaps you should consider ways to sit back, put your feet up and watch your content go to work for you – perhaps by being resold or packaged for a third party to distribute.


Content Delivery is the next core process in the workflow. Wychwood will design and build workflows to help deliver your content via mobile apps, websites, TV, IPTV, OTT, digital signage or virtual reality.


During live and pre-recorded projects, you need to make sure your content is working for you, that apps and websites are functioning correctly.  Ideally, this is done from a dedicated operations centre which can be monitored 24×7 (or just during events).  We can build a physical monitoring room with multi-view, monitoring hardware and other solutions.

Monitoring content can also include digital dashboard (internal mobile app or website), so your management and support teams can be safe in the knowledge your content is being perfectly delivered, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Once content has been delivered, you’ll need to get to know your audience – who is watching, reading and listening to your content?  Which age group, region, gender or demographic likes what? What piques their interest? What turns them off?  We ensure you’re up to date and you continue to provide engaging, well-loved content for your customers.